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Fur Babies Can Become Fur Monsters

Oh such a lovable fuzzy puppy… so adorable… “Coochie-coo! Whoozagooddog?! You are!” It’s all too easy to get goo-goo eyed over a sweet, furry doggy. We get it. You want to give all of the great things in life to your beloved dog, but we also see the devastating results of overindulgence. That innocent little…

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Calmness is a Superpower!

Most dogs are living in a constant state of over-excitement, which stresses them out! When dogs are stressed they get into trouble doing things people don’t like. Many people confuse a dog’s stress for signs of happiness (e.g. frantic excitement, running around, panting, jumping). A dog with a calm state of mind is not busy…

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Dog Parks vs Structured Dog Walking

If you’re deciding how to best socialize your dog, here are some important factors to consider. What kind of socializing is healthy? What environment will help your dog to gain better behaviours rather than develop bad habits? If you’re hiring a dog walker, what skills and experience do they have? How much do they know…

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