Private Dog Training

Learn along with your dog

Become your dog’s trainer & advocate

Have plenty of time to dedicate to working with your dog daily? Want to be involved in the entire process? Get personalized training, focusing on basic obedience, loose leash skills, good manners & establish the structure your dog needs to build trust, respect & clear communication for a great relationship.

In these five sessions, we give you the knowledge, skills, and tools to achieve better obedience and fantastic behaviour that may seem unattainable to you right now.

The initial 2-hour session includes a consultation, assessment, as well as hands-on training for you and your dog. The next 4 sessions are 1 hour each, which cover the basic on-leash commands; sit-stay, down-stay, place (bed) and come (recall), as well as structured on-leash walking (heeling). In-home structure and leadership is essential to create a calm state of mind with impulse control, including door manners, waiting politely for food, and crate training. We can also discuss appropriate socialization and play, as well as a healthy diet and exercise routine best suited for your dog's energy level and breed tendencies. In these sessions we can address unwanted behaviours such as pulling on the leash, jumping up, playful mouthing, counter surfing, as well as potty training etc.

State of Mind Training

All of our training programs focus on creating a calm state-of-mind for family dogs, so that calmness becomes your dog's default state, rather than over-excited, pushy, anxious, nervous, or obsessed.

Michelle walking bella a Huskie Shepard mix at heel

Once you have the basics of obedience and structured home life established, exposure to new situations can be gradually added while building your dogs' skills, trust & calm confidence.

Dogology specializes in modern, communication style E-Collar training and all dogs enrolled in Private Lessons are remote collar trained. If you want to stop unwanted behaviours the way a mother dog would, by quietly and clearly teaching her young, you'll be thrilled! If your goal is to have complete dependability on and off leash, indoors and out, our revolutionary approach provides amazing results.

White and brindel dog with the cn tower in the background

Dog Training is a Lifestyle

Private lessons give you the opportunity to learn as your dog learns, and guide them every step of the way. Your dog's success depends on you following through with the training so that being calm and obedient becomes a completely natural habit for your dog.


In order to be successful long-term you must be committed to actively training your dog daily, as well as providing and upholding clear, consistent rules for your dog at home. Our clients are completely ready to do what it takes to get the results they're looking for. When dog training is done in short sessions on a regular basis, it becomes a fun and easy part of your day, so you and your dog will develop into a smoothly operating team!


5 Private Sessions (6 hours) $1285.
All 5 lessons are to be completed within a 2 month timeframe. 1 session per week is ideal.
This package includes the following quality equipment to communicate clearly and safely with your dog: Educator E-Collar (valued at $280 to $360+tax CAD depending on your dog’s needs) as well as a Herm Sprenger prong collar.

Additional 1 hour private lessons $165. each