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Your dog deserves training

Whether you have a puppy who needs to learn right from wrong, a dog who needs to learn good manners & obedience, or a dog displaying fear or separation anxiety, we offer the best dog training services to fit your needs. Get the skills, tools & strategies to enjoy a well-behaved companion who you can confidently include in more aspects of your life.

Struggling with difficult behaviours? Want to enjoy walking your dog instead of being yanked around? Need some peace and quiet at home? We can help!

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Private Lessons

Have plenty of time to dedicate to working with your dog daily? Want to be involved in the entire process? Get personalized training, focusing on basic obedience, loose leash skills, good manners & establish the structure your dog needs to build trust, respect & clear communication for a great relationship.

Phone Consultations

You can get serious results with virtual consultation training to build a better relationship with your dog. Before the call, you can email videos, photos & descriptions to clarify the behaviours you're struggling with. We walk you through proven training techniques to provide solutions & get you on the path to success!

Black doodle wearing glasses and sitting at a desk
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Structured Dog Walking

Outdoor adventures every weekday for your well-trained dog. Fulfilling on-leash group dog walking with all of the same structure we've established to keep your dog's great obedience & training in top shape. This service is exclusively available to Dogology training graduates.

Healthy Socialization - Fitness - Safety - Fun!

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