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Prong Collars – a kinder way to walk your dog

If you want to look kind, you can use a harness and act like it’s A-okay to be dragged around by your dog. Will people be impressed? No. They will see the complete lack of engagement and communication you have with your dog as s/he pulls like a sled dog and ignores you – which…

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The Place Command

The Place command teaches dogs how to relax in a specific spot.”Place” can be a dog cot, a bed, a rug, a chair – you decide – and you can change where & what the “place” is that you want your dog to relax. It is helpful initially to choose a location with distinct edges.…

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Dog Separation Anxiety Handbook

Separation anxiety is one of the most common problems people experience with their dogs. We have simple and straightforward methods to fix it! First we’ll clearly define what the symptoms are, then briefly describe why it happens, and then show you the steps to the solution. At the end there’s a summary to stick on…

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