Get to know the Trainers of Dogology

Meet the Dogologists !

Peter Riemer & Michelle Lauzon

We raised many dogs before we ever started working with them professionally. Michelle also had years of experience working as a horse trainer, riding coach, and competed in equestrian stadium jumping. We decided to do work we loved and started a dog walking, daycare and dog boarding business. By then, we'd read a couple of dog training books, had watched every episode of "The Dog Whisperer" and "Cesar 911", as well as the purely positive methods in Victoria Stilwell's "It's me or the Dog". Since we only advertised that we'd accept dogs who were, "comfortable with people and dogs with no bite history", we thought it would be pretty smooth sailing. Wow - were we wrong!

The dogs we cared for every day, although lovable and amazing, each had their own set of problems - many of which were not apparent until they felt more comfortable, excited or were confronted by a stressful situation. We came across basically every behaviour problem in the book - pushy, bossy, entitled dogs, dogs who were nervous, fearful, had separation anxiety, self-harming, obsessive, dogs who weren't potty trained, who counter-surfed, who barked or whined incessantly, who didn't come when called or actively darted/ran away, who started fence-fights or jumped fences, who ignored all commands, who pulled on leash, or were reactive on-leash (lunging, snarling, trying to attack dogs, people, or moving objects), possessiveness (resource guarding), jumping, mouthing, and biting. As predators, they were a serious danger to each other - and us. Yep. Our "perfect" job ended up becoming an enormous research project. We vastly expanded our knowledge of canine communication and behaviour and began to train every dog - for free - just so we could do our work safely and peacefully.

Michelle walking 8 dogs on a beautiful summer day
Pete patting sandi the yellow lab

Applying everything we learned was working and we were seeing absolutely fantastic transformations in the dogs, despite the fact that our training sessions were short, done during the most highly excitable time of their day, in the midst of the most distractions possible - while around unbalanced or excited dogs at the park, and mainly constrained to using less effective tools. Consistency is one of the most important aspects of dog training. However, we only saw these dogs for an hour or two on weekdays, some even less often, so they spent the other 22 hours each day at home practicing all of the bad behaviours that we'd been eliminating. Even so, our clients began asking how we got their dog to not barge out of the door, sit still for more than a minute, chill out in the car, follow along nicely on the leash, or trim their nails with ease. Some of our clients were embarrassed by their dog's behaviour. Some did everything in the book to make their dog anxious or aggressive, without intending to. Others were exasperated, frustrated, or even afraid of their own dogs. That's when we realized we needed to start helping the PEOPLE, rather than only working with the dogs, to create happier, calmer, safer lives for everyone - and that's how Dogology was born!

We've invested thousands of hours to hone our craft, to improve our skills, proficiency & knowledge so we can help you have a better life with your dog! We're continuously working to improve our techniques to make learning easier for everyone. We're truly inspired & passionate about the work we do. Thank you for your commitment to help your dog to reach their full potential. We're here to support you!

  • Husband & wife team of family dog trainers - dedicated to helping you & your dog lead better lives
  • IACP Approved Dog Trainers - International Association of Canine Professionals
  • 14+ years of animal training & human coaching experience
  • Science degree in Psychology - invested years to study animal behaviour & psychology, the science of learning & memory, and the actual science of behaviour modification
  • Years of ongoing independent research focusing on dog behaviour, dog training & canine psychology to discover the most effective dog training techniques from some of the best dog trainers on the planet
  • Completed 4 levels of sign language certification, assisting in accurate observations & effective communication with dogs, who are mainly non-verbal & communicate gesturally
  • Years of daily real-world experience while providing dog training, dog walking & dog boarding - caring for dogs of all ages, breeds, sizes & temperaments
  • Pet First Aid Certified - St. John's Ambulance Pet First Aid & CPR training
  • Bonded, licensed, & insured

As dedicated dog trainers, our education is ongoing. We are constantly increasing our proficiency & expertise in dog training, expanding our knowledge of canine communication & behaviour through the continued independent study of dog training, behaviour modification & psychology, as members of professional dog training organizations, learning from & collaborating with other professional dog trainers, reading books & articles, watching videos, attending seminars, workshops, conferences & applying what we've learned in the real world every day. Most importantly, we learn by working with dogs daily & from the feedback our clients give us to continuously improve the services we provide to the people & dogs who come to us for help.

We live & breathe dogs and behaviour modification and thrive by sharing our passion by helping dog owners & their dogs.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to our fantastic clients who are committed to the training process to improve their communication and relationships with their dogs. Here's to your continued success!