Structured Dog Walking

Healthy Adventures to Maintain your Dog's Training

Toronto East & Scarborough SW, ON

Where well-trained dogs unite! Once your dog has completed our Private Dog Training package, you are a member of the Dogology family and your dog becomes eligible to participate in Structured Dog Walking to keep your dog's great training & obedience in top shape.

Dogs Love Jobs

Giving a dog a job satisfies their natural instinct. This is how we show our respect for the species. Dogs are natural workers. Having a job gives dogs a great sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Michelle on structured walk with 9 dogs

Benefits of Structured Dog Walking

  • fun!
  • safety
  • potty opportunity
  • mentally engaging
  • structure & guidance
  • fulfilled & relaxed dogs
  • continued learning & training experience
  • physical fitness promotes long-term health
  • migrating together is very instinctually satisfying
  • we maintain & improve your dog's good habits & skills
  • owners are confident that their dogs are in good hands
  • dogs build positive socialization & bond in a calm, healthy way
  • reliable, trustworthy, consistent care for your best friend during the work week
  • Adventure! green spaces, nature trails, streets, paths, parks, lake/beaches, forests, ravines

Structured group dog walks occur each weekday (Monday through Friday), except on Statutory Holidays & between Christmas & the New Year.

$27 for 60 minutes or $480 Unlimited weekdays per month. Add HST. Our rates include dog taxi service to the best local spots for dogs to hike & enjoy the great outdoors. Currently only accepting full-time clients (dogs joining us each weekday).

Dogology ~ your partners in maintaining a healthy, happy, structured & fulfilling life for your dog