Training Tips

Fur Babies Can Become Fur Monsters

Isn’t he cute.Image by Dogology

Oh such a lovable fuzzy puppy… so adorable… “Coochie-coo! Whoozagooddog?! You are!” It’s all too easy to get goo-goo eyed over a sweet, furry doggy. We get it. You want to give all of the great things in life to your beloved dog, but we also see the devastating results of overindulgence. That innocent little pooch that you’ve slathered all of your affection, attention, treats & freedom on, can quickly become an insecure, demanding, pushy, bratty, tyrant!

This can be confusing for those thinking that they ONLY want to love their dog, but think of it from the dog’s point of view. If they get everything in life for free – without working to earn it – and even when they behave badly there is no consequence, they have no way to understand that their bad choices are wrong. Then they keep making mistakes & get rewarded anyway, which tells the dog that we like what they’re doing – it reinforces those decisions. So avoid cooing sweet baby talk, or consoling or soothing a badly behaved dog!

Many people imagine that most rescue dogs have been abused, when the fact is that most of them were only abused through OVERINDULGENCE. Yes, it IS a form of abuse. What most think would make dogs happy is often not at all what they need & it only makes them severely unbalanced & confused about their place in the world.

The word SPOIL means to RUIN, yet people often brag about spoiling their dogs. Then they wonder why their dog disrespects them, doesn’t listen to them, or in some cases becomes seriously aggressive or chronically anxious.

Here at Dogology, we teach dogs that their choices matter. When they behave well, they earn enjoyable rewards. When they make poor decisions there are natural consequences that are unpleasant. This is how every being on this Earth learns to make better choices.

Are you sharing too much soft energy with your dog? Are you overly affectionate & coddling? By being firmer with rules, your dog will have more confidence in your leadership & trust in you. If your dog is nervous, shy or has become a demanding tyrant, sharing an unbalanced amount of affection over believable leadership will only lead to more unwanted behaviours from your dog. Set your dog up for success by helping them understand what is required & expected of them.

Dogs actually LOVE having clear rules to follow and thrive with a healthy balance of structure & fun. So keep a careful eye on the balance of what you’re sharing with your dog. If you want to be permissive in some areas, first ensure that your dog consistently provides their very best behaviour and great manners in order to earn those rewards.