Training Tips

Calmness is a Superpower!

Calm dogs stay out of trouble.Image byDogology

Here’s why you want your dog to be calm

Most dogs are living in a constant state of over-excitement, which stresses them out! When dogs are stressed they get into trouble doing things people don’t like. Many people confuse a dog’s stress for signs of happiness (e.g. frantic excitement, running around, panting, jumping). A dog with a calm state of mind is not busy engaging in disruptive, disturbing or dangerous behaviours. Dogs THRIVE when given plenty of structure with clear guidance from their trusted & respected mentors & advocates (that’s you). Life with dependable rules and consistent patterns create a sense of security, increases confidence and reduces or completely eliminates most anxious or unwanted behaviours in dogs.

How do you create a calm state of mind in your dog?

Calmness begins with consistent habits at home. Establish structured routines with predictable, reasonable expectations that your dog can understand, learn & participate in.

By using the “nothing in life is free” method, your dog learns to earn your approval by behaving beautifully. You build a trusting & respectful relationship with your dog by controlling everything in life that your dog values – such as food, water, bed, play, toys, use of space. This makes you relevant to your dog, as you are the source of every good thing.

The Place command teaches doggy meditation, calm on command & impulse control.

Crate training is an essential component to keep dogs from practicing unwanted behaviours while you’re not there to supervise.

Build patience & impulse control by requiring dogs to ask permission to calmly cross thresholds, politely waiting for food, and teach them that all good things come from their calm advocates and respected mentors (you!).

If you’ve been overindulging your dog you may have created a demanding tyrant or even a dog with aggressive behaviours in dogs so inclined. All dogs have deep instinctive needs that must be met. They are not little humans trapped in fur. We can show you how to put your dog’s needs ahead of your own preferences so they’ll behave beautifully.

Calmness is a superpower for humans too!

Become aware of your own energy. Practice being a role model for your dog by demonstrating calmness. Practice moving calmly, without frenetic touching or patting. Practice talking a lot less to your dog and especially avoid loud, or high pitched baby talk or excited questions. Silence is golden while dog training. Actions speak louder than words. The less you talk, the calmer your dog will be.

And of course, satisfy your dog’s basic needs for healthy food, a reasonable amount of exercise, appropriate socialization and peaceful rest periods.

Here’s to your happy life with your relaxed dog!